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Welcome and Thank You Co-Signers,

Becoming a Mallard is a lot like becoming a DUCK! New friends and new places bring along new responsibilities and great opportunities. Mallard Properties is dedicated to helping these young Mallard’s learn some of the next steps in the process of becoming independent.

The majority of our residents are full-time students and may not have previous rental history, substantial credit history, or adequate income. For these reasons, most residents of Mallard Properties are required to have a co-signer.

Co-signers are a huge part of our residents’ support system and more often than not are helping them pay their monthly expenses. Your role is accepting financial responsibility on your student’s account. You may become liable for all unpaid rent, damages, fees and other expenses incurred during your students’ tenancy.

We expect and treat our residents as young responsible adults. However, there are times when students need extra help and support, which is where you come in. Typically if a resident is having difficulty making their rent payment or is behaving in an irresponsible manner, we will reach out to co-signers. If they are operating self-sufficiently, you will likely not hear from us.

Encourage your student to read their lease carefully. We allocate an hour for the lease signing. During this appointment, we review the lease terms and answer any questions your student may have. They will get a copy of the lease to share if they choose.

Due to the State of Oregon privacy laws, Mallard Properties and its representatives are unable to discuss your student’s account with you. We would be happy to help you help them understand this process by answering any co-signers questions through the leaseholders.

At move-in residents receive the keys to their apartment, along with their walk through paperwork. Each group fills out a checklist to record any imperfections in the property. This helps to ensure that they aren’t charged for existing damages and will be referenced at move out.

The total monthly rent amount is due on the 1st of every month in one lump sum and must come from a resident’s account. All residents that sign the lease agreement are equally responsible for all lease obligations. Partial payments of rent will not be accepted. Forms of payment accepted are; personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or through the online payment system. If rent is not paid by midnight of the 4th of each month, Mallard Properties will address all individuals who signed the lease.

Residents are encouraged to set up their AppFolio online account, even if they have designated another roommate as the financially responsible party. This allows them to pay the bill or put in a maintenance request.

We take pride in the quality living experience that we provide. That is why we ask for our residents’ help by communicating any maintenance or safety issues immediately to us. Our standards are high and our expectation of care from our residents is too. We wish to provide the residents’ who will be living with us after your duck leaves with the same great experience that they enjoyed.

Mallard Properties is not responsible or liable for your student’s decisions. If we receive complaints from other residents, the University of Oregon, or the Eugene Police Department we will follow Oregon State Landlord/Tenant law.

We offer lease renewal incentives! Ask your student for more information when it becomes available in November. If your student wishes to renew his or her lease, have them contact us no later than January 18. All renewal inspections and paper work will need to be completed by January 28. If they wait, we cannot guarantee that their current property will be available for renewal. Marketing of available properties for the upcoming year will begin the first week of February.

Please help them to understand the importance of keeping the property clean and ask that they take care of it with respect and appreciation. We ask our residents to be clean, respectful and responsible to themselves, their roommates, other residents and our staff. Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with our philosophy as we wish this to be a successful partnership.

Respectfully, Mallard Properties