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Garbage Disposal 101

How to Use, What to Put In & How to Clean
If you have a garbage disposal, I’m sure you will agree that it is a convenient appliance to have in your kitchen. The following are some best practices for using, adding foods and keeping this handy tool clean and running strong.

How to use
 Start by turning on a strong stream of cold water. Run the water into the disposal side of the sink.
 Turn the power switch to the disposal to the on position before adding any food.
 Add small amounts of food gradually into the disposal giving it time to grind and flush contents before adding more.
 When disposal has finished grinding food waste, continue to run water for a few seconds. This will flush any remaining particles down the drain and will prevent clogging. Pay attention to the sound of the disposal while grinding. This sound will change when it has completed its task indicating that it is time to turn it off.

What to Avoid
 Grease and Oils can coat the inside of the disposal and pipes causing other foods to stick to it forming a clog. Some foods such as salad dressings & marinades have oils in them. Using cold water will help oils and fats to remain solid as they flush through.
 Potato peels easily stick to pipes because of their high starch content.
 Stringing foods like celery and artichoke leaves can wrap around disposal blades causing them to bind.
 Bones, nuts and pits can dull blades as well as lodge in pipes.
 Pasta is also a starchy food that if not flushed completely through pipes can expand and form a blockage.
 Nonfood items like plastic, metal and glass can jam the blades of the disposal.

What can be put in the Disposal?
 Most leftover food items, such as meats, fruit and vegetables as well as food prep waste.
 Use care when disposing of coffee grounds and egg shells as these can sit in pipes causing a “slow drain” and may eventually lead to clogs. Add small amounts of these items at a time and flush with plenty of water.

How to Clean
 Add ½ cup Baking Soda to disposal
 Follow with 1 cup White Vinegar, allow to set for a few minutes
 Pour a medium sized pan of boiling water down drain, wait 5 minutes
 Turn on cold water and disposal and flush for a few minutes
 Freshen with a small amount of citrus peels

For help with unclogging or resetting your disposal, go to Mallard Properties YouTube video How To Fix a Garbage Disposal

Posted by: mallardproperties on October 11, 2017
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